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Learnings from Life

February 10, 2023 | By

This article is dedicated to all those who have inspired me to keep writing and to my parents who have given me everything and expected nothing in return.
As the clichéd saying goes, “Life is a journey where learning never stops”. My life too has been a combination of ups and downs; and every occasion has taught me some amazing life-tips, some of which I am sharing in this article. I have learned to improve my quality of life and sense of self-worth by nurturing my uniqueness and inner radiance through these mantras.

Anindita Mahapatra

Anindita Mahapatra

Grow from within

‘The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what others think’. Similarly, for me, at one time, the opinion of others mattered a lot. The first thing I wish I knew when I was younger was that as youngsters, even though we always seek reassurance, acceptance and admiration from others, it really does not matter much. There is no need to feel inadequate if others do not reinforce their positive opinions about us.

The real competition is always with oneself. It is Me vs Me. It is ok to take inspiration from others but it is always better to tap into our own enormous potential. How I view and groom myself determines my overall progress. So spreading one’s own light is unique and attractive, be it like a star or like a candle.

Express your feelings

Another thing that I could have done better when I was younger is expressing my feelings. It is ok to express one’s feelings and emotions. It is ok to share exactly how we feel. Say I love to you more often to your parents, siblings and friends. It is necessary to communicate our feelings and not hide them.

Sharing our expectations and speaking out when we feel hurt is also equally necessary. Many a times we assume that others are able to understand us and know exactly how we are feeling, so we are not transparent in our expressions. On the contrary, lack of genuine communication creates more barriers in relationships.

Expressing oneself reduces the stress created from expectations. Expressing gratitude also spreads warmth and camaraderie; so on occasions when we hold up or delay expressing our gratitude towards someone, we should realize that we may never ever get a second chance to even meet them in life.

Learn to Unlearn

‘Unlearning is the highest form of learning’. Whenever we learn something, we make a conscious effort to retain it in our memories forever. But with time and context always changing, it becomes essential that we rapidly unlearn so that we free up some memory space to learn and retain new things. Instead of getting stuck up with what we already know, we should always have a thirst for new learning while constantly getting rid of obsolete and irrelevant knowledge from within us.

Seize the change

Things change and they change very quickly. Many a times we feel that our ability to influence the outcome of a situation is beyond our control. This creates a lot of stress especially when we are younger as we are in phase of transition with a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty regarding our personal and professional choices.

We should always remember that situations can and do change quickly and when they do, we should be receptive and ready to make the most of it without losing sight of what we wish to attain. So being practical and positive opens up new frontiers and numerous doors of opportunities for us. ‘The fact that nothing is permanent, offers new beginnings always’.

Go with the flow

go with the flow

There is a powerful divine plan that steers the course of our lives

This vital learning is related to spiritual strength. There is a powerful divine plan that steers the course of our lives. The sooner we accept it, the easier it is to move on in tune with the divine plan. Here I am in no way implying that we should not value our effort and dedication towards a purpose; but we should not get disheartened if we miss the bus.

Whatever we do in life and whatever be our destination, we should always enjoy the journey. If we learn to go with the flow, everything feels effortless. So rather than solely focusing on the outcome, it is healthy to enjoy the process by staying in the moment; turning distractions along the way into precious life lessons and surrendering ourselves to a higher purpose.

To summarise:

Spread your own light; grow from within; it is me vs me.

Tell people how you feel; express yourself; Communicate.

Learn to unlearn; create space to learn more.

Seize the opportunity when things change in your favour.

Do your bit but go with the flow.

Whatever be our age or circumstances, we should always make time for things that make us happy to be alive.

An engineer by qualification, an HR Manager by profession with work experience in Organization development, Training and CSR; I am an avid traveler by choice and a lover of art and culture. A trained musician, I enjoy listening to and playing music, both classical and light. I am most fascinated by Astronomy and Space science; and perceive situations with a creative bend of mind. In short, I look at life as a precious opportunity and have a passion for doing different things. The crux of life is to keep our souls rejuvenated. I believe in living my life in a way that is fulfilling for me and inspiring for others.
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