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L&C Short Stories Contest (Anthology) Results Declared

July 15, 2014 | By

L&C’s Short Stories Contest (Anthology) Results Declared. Winning entries to be published as ebook.

AnthologyThe steady trickle of queries on when are the results of the contest going to be declared that we received over the last few weeks made one thing clear – the final list of selected stories in the L&C Short Stories Contest (Anthology) were being eagerly looked forward to, by the contestants.

We must say, the number of entries we received were much more than expected, which not only makes us feel encouraged and delighted at the growing popularity of Learning and Creativity e-journal, it also reaffirms our faith that the eagerness to weave imagination with words is vibrant among young authors.  We received entries from people who are already in a writing career, from authors, some of them first timers, who are in professions not connected with writing fiction and yet keen to express their creative spirit, from college goers and even school students!

The stories have been selected after rigorous scanning by esteemed editor Mr A K Nanda, who has edited several books in his 52+ years of editing and writing experience. A Fulbright Fellow, Mr Nanda has, through his long innings as editor, been associated with publications produced by Delhi University, Indian Council of Historical Research, Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Roli Books, Motilal Banarsidass, among others.

List of Selected Short Stories for the L&C Short Stories (Anthology)

Title Author
The Ambulance Arunabh
Love – Essence of Life Sonal Agrawal
Mom, This One’s For You Gitanjali Maria
Mirror, Mirror on the Street Kaartikeya Bajpai
Companionship Palak Singh
When the  Bamboo  Flowered Paulami DuttaGupta
Growing Up Shahana Roy
The Crooked Shadow Beena Raghavan
Secondhand Life Shakun R Narang
The Summer – I Remembered Sunil Guri

Authors please note:

The stories are currently being edited. The editing would require the editor to not only proof read but also fine tune the structure and if needed, modify the title to make it more appropriate to the story.

You will not be allowed to submit or publish the story elsewhere for the next three months from the date of publishing. We will announce the date of publishing of the Anthology very soon. 

Watch this space for more updates!

L&C Short Story Contest’ 

Learning & Creativity (L&C), a vibrant interactive e-journal aimed at promoting writing talents – aspiring or amateurs, offered an excellent opportunity to aspiring short story writers who can make an impact with their writing and connect with their readers through their words.

To discover and promote aspiring writers and offer them a global platform, L&C  invited short stories to be published in an anthology.

The story can be based on any theme, idea or genre.

Note: Satire or stories that directly or indirectly hurt sentiments or offend any person will not be considered. Also, the stories should not contain porn or adult content.

Read the following guidelines to know more about the contest:

  • The total word count should be between 1000—4000 words.
  • You can send more than one entry.
  • There is no age limit for participating in the contest.
  • The short story can be based on any theme or idea.
  • You can send your own story or experience but it will be included in fiction genre.
  • The story should not be published elsewhere, not even in your personal blog or website.
  • By submitting your story to us, you thereby give us the right to publish the story in any format – ebook or print.
  • The due credit will be given to the author.
  • Once your story is selected for the anthology, you will not be allowed to submit or publish the story elsewhere for the next three months from the date of publishing.
  • We hold the right to reject a story if our editorial team doesn’t find it suitable.
  • The last date for submission was Saturday, 31st May 2014, midnight.
  • Entries (comprising story, author bio and contact details) were to be sent to in doc/docx file with ‘L&C Short Story Contest’ written in the subject line.
  • Emails without the mentioned subject line or in other formats (like pdf) will be rejected.

For regular updates on the same:
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15 thoughts on “L&C Short Stories Contest (Anthology) Results Declared

  • drgrigg

    I would like more exact details about what rights L& C would be acquiring to my story if it were to be accepted. “You will not be allowed to submit or publish the story elsewhere” meeds to be qualified unless you are demanding all rights be signed over to you forever, which is unreasonable if you are not paying for it.

  • Learning And Creativity Desk Post author

    Thank you for showing your interest in L&C’s Short Story Contest.

    Yes, we do agree with your point and would like to inform you that you are allowed to publish or sell your story elsewhere after 3 months from the date of publishing. We are also updating the same in our post.

    The objective behind publishing the Anthology is to provide both aspiring and established writers to come together on a creative platform and make their works reach out to a larger audience. You would have noticed that Learning and Creativity already has a happening and interactive ‘Stories’ section where we regularly receive contributions from authors. The idea behind consolidating creative and imaginative writings into an Anthology is aimed at taking this initiative a level further.

    We are happy to inform that the initiative is receiving interested queries from authors. We hope we have satisfactorily answered your query and we look forward to your participation in the Contest.

    Please feel free to ask any further queries you may have.


    1. admin

      It’s an initiative to promote aspiring authors, which is the main objective of our organization. So, right now we are not committing any payments or royalties to the contributors.

  • Rupali sarkhel desai

    Oh! What a creative website ! Bubbling with ideas, literature , poetry etc. feels like I bumped into this small roadside not very popular restaurant but serving really gorgeous rich biryani. Will relish it over days to come. Only a bong could do this 😉

  • Jyoti


    I had a few questions.

    1. When is the next submission?
    2. Can kids submit?
    3. Where is the anthology published… just online or as a book too?


    1. admin

      Hi Jyoti,

      You can submit your stories for publishing in Learning and Creativity anytime. We regularly receive a steady stream of submissions and publish the selected ones asap. Please browse the Short Stories section. You will find a cross section of authors. You can write on any kind of topic.

      Yes, kids can submit their stories. There is a special kids section where we publish creative writing by children, illustrating each story/essay with relevant pictures. Take a look at this one for example:

      The Anthology contest is closed for now. We are presently editing the stories that have been selected for the Anthology and soon they will go into production. Initially the Anthology will be published only in ebook format. Depending upon the response, we may bring out a print edition at a later date. We have not ruled out the print option but currently it is not in the offing. A second Anthology will be planned only after seeing the response the first one receives.

      You are welcome to write for any of the sections you are interested in – stories, poems, musings, book reviews, movie reviews, opinion, literary criticism, articles on movies/art/music, travelogues. Or share your art, creative photography or travel photography for our albums.
      We look forward to your creative contributions.

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