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A Known Stranger

June 24, 2014 | By

Her black tresses were always lively
Falling on her face was an excuse for them to touch her

I know that girl
Who is walking towards her own doom
On her own will.
Strange girl she is,
A known stranger of mine…

I had seen her iconic eyes,
But not the tears welled up in them.
Her black tresses were always lively
Falling on her face was an excuse for them to touch her
But not like they are now,
So dull.

Her bewitching lips are not new for me
But the painful screams they are hiding are absolutely unfamiliar.
I am known to that girl
Who is treading down the hillside
With a sad smile.
Strange girl she is,
A known stranger of mine…

It seems as if her eyes want to speak,
In a language that only my eyes understand.
Her hair wants to be caressed,
In a way only I master.
It feels like she is someone I don’t care about,
Still I want to stop her from going away.

I am well acquainted with that girl
Who sings out her life as-
A beautiful song which reflects the vileness of this world.
Strange girl she is,
A known stranger of mine…..

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