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Journey of a Cotton Plant

December 26, 2013 | By

This cute poem by a child narrates the journey of a cotton plant from seed to clothes.

Sankar V Murali
Std. VI, Rishabh Public School, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi
Journey of a Cotton Plant

A small and tiny cotton plant,
More higher than the ant.

I am reciting my life journey,
Do you know who I am?

A small and tiny cotton plant,
Higher than the ant.

I have a cap on me,
Which people call a cotton boll,
From which cotton is extracted
And ready to make your dresses.

People weave me into clothes
And colour them
The painful modern designing
No one bears with me

I am also used,
In making threads,
And used in stitching your clothes
Therefore in this fashionable world
I am the fashion bureau.

This is my journey
Which I wanted to share with you
That how I am used
And converted into clothes.

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I am a class Vl student, studying in Rishabh Public School. I like to write poems and short stories.
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