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I Am Not Your Victim

March 25, 2016 | By

Himadri Agarwal’s poetry on womanhood as part of Rhythm Divine’s collaboration with 6th Woman Scream International Art and Poetry Festival 2016.

Painting by Shristi Saraf

Painting by Shristi Saraf for Himadri Agarwal’s poem ‘I Am Not Your Victim’

And I am not your victim.
I will not give in to all you ask for,
All your commands,
Because I am not a victim,
And when you tell me to go on a crash diet
Because I don’t have a flat tummy or a thigh gap,
And flat tummies and thigh gaps are all you envision when someone says ‘perfection’
I will look you in the eye and tell you,
I do not agree.
For my perfection is the way I string words together and hold my head high,
My perfection is my bookshelf that towers much above your tallest stilettos,
My perfection is my taste in music and all I know about that one particular character in that one particular series,
My perfection is how I always have an opinion on everything, and I will not shut up once I start.
No, I will not shut up till I’m done because I,
Am not your victim.
And I don’t need your approval,
Encouraging nods,
I don’t need them.
And when you smirk and you snigger and you venture to say,
How you wish I would get a life,
And how you suggest I get some friends,
I will stare right back at you,
And remind you that I,
Am not a victim.

I will not give in to all your sideward glances,
And I will not be convinced that I am
At fault for being who I am.
And when you grab me by the leg and pull me down,
I will push.
I will push till you stop or you fall
But I will not go down.
I will not go down because
Am not your victim.
I am not a victim of your words,
Not a victim of your glances,
Not a victim of all you ask,
All you dictate, all you demand,
I am not a victim,
I am me,
And I will not succumb.

This poem and painting are contributions as part of the 6th Woman Scream International Art and Poetry Festival 2016, the Kolkata chapter of which is being held on March 26.

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Rhythm Divine and Learning and Creativity

Rhythm Divine Poets in association with Art Fair celebrates the strength of woman on the occasion of woman’s month in March by promoting art and poetry festival in the city of Kolkata. To raise voice against violence on woman is the mutual goal. These associations will lead to Rhythm Divine  coordinating Kolkata chapter of the global event called Woman Scream International Poetry and Art Festival on 26th March by Women Poets International
Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI) from the Dominican Republic, and coordinated by Jael Uribe, MPI’s President.

The Kolkata chapter is  co-sponsored by Incredible Women of India, Manya Education Pvt Limited and The Princeton Review hosted by the Berlia family in Kolkata.

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Himadri Agarwal is a Humanities student of Modern High School. Words are her first love and till date, she is more loyal to them than anyone else. When she is not reading or writing, you'll find her listening to Passenger, sleeping or stuffing her face with chocolate. Her other hobbies include chasing the stars and dreaming out loud.
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