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I am not alone!

August 31, 2016 | By

A wistful musing about that one awakening moment when Nature’s all-encompassing beauty manifests itself as balm to the soul, reaffirming its infinite spirit and giving strength, even as the world fleets by on its own course.

spiritual awakening

The beauty of His Creation is being highlighted in the orange spotlight.

Light – eternal, ethereal, casts a surreal spell on the evening, as I walk the stone steps to my room. Clouds seem to have bathed in gold, trees are swaying to music which one can but hear through ones sixth sense. The sound of water running and dancing its cheerful path through the little stream fills up my senses. The beauty of His Creation is being highlighted in the orange spotlight. For this fleeting moment, everything comes to a standstill around me – even time seems to be defeated at the wondrous dance of nature.

I sit down on the steps, since I cannot bring myself to pull away from such a compelling scape. My hands roll up to my chin in an involuntary movement, as if to prevent it from looking away. My eyes are twice their normal size in wonder..

A million hearts ached today. Yet the sun came again…

So many of us felt the pain and the hurt. Yet the water sounded musical today..

So many of whom we loved once – went away and left us. Yet the clouds formed in a smiling embrace..

We do indeed find the strength to pick up the lost threads, and walk again.

We find new routes.

We heal.

We survive.

We find love, and faith again.

The spirit does live forever.

And I smile to myself..

I am not alone.

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Naveen Anand is an Engineer from IIT Delhi and a Management Graduate from IIM Ahmedabad. His company, Baseline Technologies, is a pioneer in the manufacture of sound and vibration instruments in India. He is a passionate music lover actively engaged in helping run the trust 'Ibaadat Foundation' which honours poets and celebrates poetry through music.
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    People in this world are wanderers, who go on journeying endlessly, but those who get adapted to this phenomena in life have no regrets about being wanderlust.