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Humanity in Dirt

July 26, 2019 | By

The world is fading away and if we don’t understand this now then there is no tomorrow. Hope you all get to see humanity lying in the dirt as I did! Its time we pick that up and make this sooty jewel a beauty jewel. #LetsTalkHumanity

Demolished to the core, subjected to subvert (Pic:

Once I was walking around,
And you know what I found?

I found something lying in the dirt
Demolished to the core, subjected to subvert

I picked that up, and looked with pugnacity
I asked its name, it said ‘Humanity’
I questioned its value, with veracity
It questioned mine, and said its vanity

I forced and asked, about its demolished structure
It moaned in pain, and crumbled again
It started its story, which was not all glory

It said, “You cannot be a human without me”
I said, “Watch your tongue, you wrecked up humanity”

It smiled, but I saw it was still in pain
I disgraced and laughed, “You can’t sustain”

It said, “You cannot be a human without me” (Pic: Google Image)

It carried a benevolent smile, which ruins wild and hoary
Then it told me, its awkwardly painful story

I was dauntingly scared, and then I ran away
I hid under my ceiling, and thought what did it say
How it was killed, by a militant and his bomb
How it was aborted, inside that woman’s womb

Though abortion and terrorism, are two different things
But I cannot discriminate, between inhuman human beings

The disease, the pain, and the utter disdain
We are plagued defaulters, we are all insane

We seek that last breathe, when we are dying
But we don’t lend a hand, we are not even trying

I thought about the present, and I cried (Pic:

We take revenge, and we shoot to kill
We put bullets in the head, and we enjoy the thrill
Everyone around, is on a war at some level
Even my God is, maybe fighting the devil

Okay enough is enough, do no more battle
Stop causing the pain, please just don’t tattle
You feel their pain, and take their agony
You’ll see the beauty of the smile, and the harmony

I think of the future, and I die inside
I thought about the present, and I cried
My thoughts are with, that humanity in dirt
I wonder why we inhumans, continue to hurt

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(The views expressed by the author are personal.)

Himanshu Vashistha writes poetry mostly in the form of Ballads because storytelling should be as natural as drawing breath. Forced into engineering, he found his voice in the 4th year after his 3rd break up with his 2nd girlfriend. He always believed he is the Rebel this world needs, and now he works full-time 9 to 6 @Wisitech as a Business Analyst. Might lose a couple of organs soon, but he loves beer and puffs throughout the weekends. Follow him on Instagram if you like his work, and if you don't, he might play violin during all your hangovers.
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The word Culture comes from Latin "cultura amini' which means cultivation of the soul, and thus Jawaharlal Nehru said "Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit"