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Nuances of Human Emotions: Two Poems

March 20, 2018 | By

Human emotions are multilayered and their nuances are the most intriguing when manifested in the form of poetry. Two poems by Sonali Majumdar, depicting those myriad nuances.


A Severed String

You killed a love, your faith is lost.  Unless you unlearn what you learnt, You play the strings of my guitar all wrong.

Who do I see severing a thread?
A chord that binds your faith?
Heart-to-heart, a beautiful bond
Is it now lost and all gone?

Who was it that had tied that string?
Memories to the mind does a wild gust bring.
Of events past,
Of love, of lust.

I am happy you cut the chord.
You killed a love, your faith is lost.
Unless you unlearn what you learnt,
You play the strings of my guitar all wrong.

A new beginning…
Oh no, it’s no star shining!
An aged and dilapidated string,
Tattered and tearing,

Smells of fresh flowers,
Of dew, of mist, of showers,
Amidst the frightening,
Of chaos and lightning.

No flesh, no blood
No skin, no thud.
Soulfulness and soullessness
Abound at large.

I need no string,
No lace, no ring,
No relationship
To mark a thing.

I am your soul.
I make you whole.
A relation with me
Is like me and me.

And so we are alone,
No one to own.
Neither you, nor me
Can live in harmony.


Rosy Remembrances

The Moon/ A long lost love/ Rejuvenated again and again

My rose is in full bloom
Amidst the seven shades of my prismatic gloom
A fountain of ecstatic blues
Conglomeration of hopes and doom
An inconsistency becomes me
An inadequacy hovers over
The moon
A long lost love
Rejuvenated again and again
A pair of blue eyes reminds me of you
An intensity chases me
An inefficacy deludes me
There are no sweet forevers
There are no measured togetherness
Counting anniversaries of blessedness
And yet there is so much to say
To feel and cherish each day
To celebrate
To nurture
A rose
Amidst thorns
In the garden of my being
And yet it feels
The showers and ushers and whispers
Of passion
Of course,
And why not?
My rose is in full bloom.

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Sonali Majumdar is a US based IT Management professional, working for a major US Bank. Married and mother of two, she enjoys creative writing, painting, volunteering and working with kids. She also loves cooking and traveling. Her perspective of life comes from her challenges as a working woman, as a mother, as a person seeking her purpose in life.
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