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How online Education is Challenging Traditional Learning Processes

July 26, 2019 | By

Online education is reaching out to the remotest area and fulfilling the dream of realising ‘education’ as a fundamental right. We look at the key merits of online education over the traditional learning process.

The extent of development and the contribution of technology in making human life easier are often evaluated by the level of mobility we are enjoying in everyday life. Education, being the major qualitative element that separates a man from any other animal, is also making giant strides in making itself more accessible to the masses. The new and the most contemporary form of education is obviously the online mode, which is taking hand-in-hand the traditional ways of teaching. The question is, however, what are those qualities that are making online education so popular, and that too not only with the Millenials but with a wide section of the population.

E-books, e-libraries, online study materials, video lessons, online degree courses and whatnot. There is hardly anything left, which is not covered or offered by online education. Moreover, if we have a glance at a few studies, we can easily decipher how online education is reaching out to the remotest area and fulfilling the dream of realising ‘education’ as a fundamental right. Having understood its significance, let us proceed to know what are the key merits of online education over the traditional learning process.

Reasons behind the burgeoning acceptance of online education

Flexibility: Even the ardent opponents of online education accept the fact that there is a high degree of flexibility in pursuing an online course. A student pursuing an online course has the utmost freedom in terms of learning hours. Since the study materials, video sessions, etc. are accessible anytime, a pursuer can learn with his/her own convenience. On the other hand, the fixed durational learning hours in classroom-style learning method makes it impossible for aspirants such as a working employee, house maker, etc to adjust their routine. Besides flexibility in time, a student can also study anywhere. The online connected platform builds great mobility so that one doesn’t need to be in a walled classroom to learn the lessons.

A plethora of courses: Unlike the traditional learning processes, which offers a limited scope in pursuing multiple courses, online education brings the option to pursue multiple courses simultaneously. Moreover, the online course providers have a pool of courses to choose from, exponentially more than a traditional college/institute.

Budget: There is no doubt in the fact that getting a degree from a reputed traditional university hit hard on your savings. This ends up in digging the already existing gap between rich and poor. But the case is a bit different when it comes to online education. Owing to the absence of a tangible university building, amenities, add-ons, etc., a student remains free from the liability to pay for these. Even the basic things such as e-books and digital study materials cost much less than hard copies of the same. All these reduce the overall fee and enables an individual to opt for the desired course without any fret of taking lumpsum loans from banks.

Free learning: One of the major demerits of traditional learning processes is the degree-based study. To say in simple words, if a student wants to pursue a single subject it is not possible in a formal education system. It is true that one can avail the course books and all such materials for self-study but that too is limited owing to the lack of proper guidance. Running opposite to this, an individual can avail contents related to a particular subject easily and in most cases, free of cost while getting online education. He/she can also get extensive guidance on fingertips, thanks to online services such as YouTube and Google search.

Regular updates: Outdated books and course materials are a couple of primary demerits of traditional learning style. Universities are often blamed for not upgrading their course structure and content for years, and in worst cases, even for decades. But the scene is different in case of online education. Online courses are usually updated with time and so that students are armed with correct and authentic facts. The primary reason behind this is that uploading updates require less time and can be sent to the students instantly, which is a difficult task in traditional learning processes.

Learning style: Every student has their own method of understanding things and grasping knowledge. The strict discipline in the traditional classrooms refrains a student from developing his/her learning style, which in turn, makes it difficult to get things easily. Furthermore, the ratio of teachers to students is also much less in classrooms. Whereas, there is no stringent learning method to be followed while pursuing an online course. You are your own master. In addition to that, most of the online course providers offer personalised guidance, one-on-one doubt clarification sessions, etc.

Not only this much, but there are several such reasons that are responsible for the wide acceptance and growth of online learning platforms. Apart from online course providers, even the traditional institutes are deploying internet to their use. The intrinsic pros of online learning platforms go with the demand of the modern world. The extensive mobility and almost infinite freedom have enabled its reach to the deepest trenches. Students can now complete their daily study without leaving the study room. The most beneficial section from online education are the working professionals, who for some reasons won’t be able to complete education, otherwise.

Vijaya Kumar is the academic head at NeoStencil. He has more than 5 years of UPSC preparation experience and guiding aspirants preparing for competitive exam preparation.
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