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Horns Review: Engaging But Only Till The Suspense Opens

October 29, 2014 | By

Isn’t a bad watch if you are used to supernatural thrillers with slow moving, contemplative back and forth narrations.

(Horns is a 2013 American-Canadian dark fantasy thriller film directed by … and is set to have its theatrical release in the United States on October 31, 2014 and November 14, 2014 release in India.
This Halloween Devil came to us with a free premier of Horns. A free show for lucky contest winners on social networking sites.)

Horns  MovieCast: Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple and Max Minghella
Director: Alexandre Aja
Music: Robin Coudert
Producer: Red Granite Pictures

Imagine you have the power to make people speak out their inner most secrets. Imagine you wake up one day with your childhood sweetheart dead and horns growing off your forehead. Your life’s in a mess and the people whom you trusted turn out to be having these sickly thoughts against you.

The plot sounded promising. Actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Max Minghella made sure that people come in with anticipation. Who doesn’t remember the cutesy Harry Potter? He is grown up, last seen in The Woman in Black and now in Horns, the way his choice of movies and his sickly look is going it’s really spooky.

I had liked Max in The Internship and The Social Network and though he has an understated role in Horns you know it couldn’t be. But one really wishes the role of the female actor Juno Temple was meatier or if only it was someone prettier. But I give it the director to caste actors that look real life and not straight out of glossy celeb magazines.

Coming back to Horns. The movie isn’t a bad watch if you are used to supernatural thrillers with slow moving, contemplative back and forth narrations. Daniel has put in lot of hard work for this burning-in-hell lover’s look for the movie or could it be that he is really on drugs?

The very well-enacted role of his drugs-ridden elder brother by Joe Anderson makes you think that he is much better actor than Daniel. Despite 120 minutes, the movie doesn’t fail to engage the viewers until the predictable suspense opens up and the CGI animation takes over. Then you want the movie to get over sooner than you wished initially.

Overall, recommended only if you have no other movie plans and no kids lurking around your shoulders.

Shakun Rana Narang is Administrator of Moviemaniacs Facebook Group. The opinions shared by the reviewers are their personal opinions and does not reflect the collective opinion of Moviemaniacs Facebook Group or Learning and Creativity emagazine. All pictures used in this article are movie stills from the Internet.

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Shakun Narang is passionate about people, dancing, music, kids and their safety rights, traveling and city exploring. She is a perpetual dreamer and dream-chaser, a friend for life and companion for all conversations and part time Agony Aunt. A moviebuff and bookworm herself she is actively working on her Facebook communities Moviemaniacs and Bookoholics to be that happy place where people bursting with views and reviews around movies and books can meet and mingle with like minded people.
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