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Gunaah – e – Uns!

November 26, 2013 | By

Lived life as a vagabond, Only to find refuge in you…

Urdu Poetry

Lived life as a vagabond,
Only to find refuge in you

Nadaani mein yeh bhool kar baitha
Teri parchchai ko titli samajh baitha
Falak ko chhat banakar, raatein kai guzari,
Tere panah ko, apna “Kaába” samajh baitha.

Nadaani mein yeh bhool kar baitha

Hoon muntazir, tere deedar ka,
Jo apney zakhmon ka hisaab kar baitha,
Jo tune diye aur mainey sahey,
Un uqubaton se, yaari kar baitha

Nadaani mein yeh bhool kar baitha!

Kyun har rishtey ka anjam, hua hain firaaq,
Is soch mein apni zindagi ko fanaa kar baitha,
Tere tasavvur ka jab hua kashf,
Yeh ‘Kaafir’, us aadam ko hi khuda maan baitha!
Nadaani mein yeh bhool kar baitha!

Crime of attachment! (English Translation)

Oh! what crimes have I committed?
For I was an innocent dolt,
Kept chasing butterflies, thinking it was you,
Were just reflections of the dream gone by,

Lived life as a vagabond,
Only to find refuge in you,
Alas! I was a fool again,
To have revered your hearth as divine

Waited with bated breath,
Just to catch your glimpse
Kept counting the miseries suffered,
All in the name of thy self,
Turn around and see,
For I still cherish the days gone by,
Miseries are now my only companions,
Of all the things you left for me,

I destroyed myself, reflecting all this while,
Why do hearts meet, only to drift away,
This infidel heart of mine, believed you to be divine,
Ever since the thought of you, manifested in my insolent mind!


Falak – Sky
Kaaba – Holy place
Muntazir – One who waits
Uqubaton – Torture
Firaaq – Separation
Tasavvur – Imagination
Kashf – Manifest
Kaafir – Infidel

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An amateur astronomer, poet, lyricist, composer, amateur photographer, singer and writer all rolled into one is what describes Surojit Sengupta. Surojit, a trainer by profession has been exploring the imaginative depths of his mind with his creative expressions.
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