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Ganga The River Of Life

October 29, 2015 | By

Paridhi Bhardwaj, a student of Std VI, portrays the two conditions of our most famous river – the Ganga as she was 50 years ago and the Ganga as she is now.

This painting was made by Paridhi for the Camlin Contest. She has also written about her concept and objective of making this beautiful painting. We wish her all the best with her endeavours in art.

People had brought about a lot of changes in the Ganga.

I have shown here the two conditions of our most famous river – the Ganga as she was 50 years ago and the Ganga as she is now. The Ganga of today is polluted and in distress.

Ganga the river of life

Earlier Ganga Mata, the Mother of all Rivers was very happy. The water was clean. But because of the poisonous effluents released by the factories and drainage systems into its waters, her waters have become polluted, her surroundings have become dirty and she is very unhappy and ill.

Save the Ganga by following these steps:

1) Stop releasing industrial wastes into her waters.
2) Do not wash your clothes and utensils in it.
3) Do not make your pets bathe in the Ganga
5) Avoid throwing garbage into its waters.
6) Do not throw non-biodegradable plastic waste in it.

Save the Ganga. She is our life line.

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Paridhi is a consistent prize winner in painting and art and craft competitions. She also enjoys taekwondo, badminton and other competitive sports.
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