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Dau Saheb

March 20, 2018 | By

A heartfelt wistful reminiscence of her Grandpa by 20-year-old Arshita.

teen poems

Every star that twinkles makes me feel like you’re watching me. I miss the time you told me that you’d never let go.

I remember a four-year-old little girl, sitting on your lap, ranting about not being loved.

I remember you comforting me and telling me that I’ll always be loved by you.

I remember the last time you told me that I shouldn’t give up because

I’m your little warrior.

When the cold wind brushes my face, it feels like you’re around.

Every night that I close my eyes, I’m standing in front of a door that connects us.

I find traces of myself in your memories. Strands of memories are painfully beautiful.

Knowing that I’ll never go back to a home where you are waiting, tears me apart.

The mirror in my room is shattered and I haven’t looked at one in a while.

When I see our pictures, I can relive moments that made me complete.

I see your reflection in my eyes.

I’m a mess now, can you drop by and get me a fix???

Tired of dealing with the adversities alone. When you looked me in the eye and said that I’m yours and that you’ll love me forever, I knew you weren’t lying. I knew you weren’t going to leave and I knew I’m loved.

I miss being loved, I’m beginning to forget, how it feels to be loved. For all that I loved, broke me.

Your love is what I need.

I remember how you taught me to forgive, even when I didn’t want to.

Trust me, I can give anything to be with you, look you in the eye and tell you that it doesn’t feel right without you being around.

It hurts to live a life without you.

I’ll always be your little girl in black and white.

Can you meet me when I’m done taking care of my responsibilities??

I’ll wait for our date. I got you a T-shirt just like mine, I know you liked it.

Whenever I want to smile, I recall how you made me feel.

You were right, you definitely knew magic. Can you do a magic trick and meet me tonight???

I’ll wait at the terrace, looking at the stars, trying to find you.

Your messed up child

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Pic courtesy: Pixabay

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