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Chandigarh student in Google Science Fair Finals

September 4, 2013 | By

15 year old Srishti Asthana has been chosen as one of the 15 finalists in Google’s 2013 Science fair, an international competition open to students all over the world.

Srishti Asthana15 year old Srishti Asthana Chandigarh student has been chosen as one of the 15 finalists in Google’s 2013 Science Fair, an international competition open to students all over the world. Her project is a green (environmentally friendly) method to treat waste water that has detergents in it.

The idea for the project struck her when she visited a textile factory in Ludhiana and saw huge amount of waste water laced (mixed) with chemicals being dumped in the ground. Read More

TV interview of Shrishti

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2 thoughts on “Chandigarh student in Google Science Fair Finals

  • Madhu Verma

    Srishti Asthana has done the wonderful and remarkable accomplishment for our country.

    She has shown her expertise and excellence in green method to treat waste water that has detergents in it.

    Means in other ways she has focused to make the green, clean friendly environment.
    Within couple of days she is to present her project at the Science fair finals at Google’s office in California in the United States.

    On behalf of all well wishers and citizens of India our very best wishes to dear Srishti Asthana to achieve the final glory for our Nation

    Another important message to all students that they should also get inspired and motivated to do some thing or the other in any field of their liking through and through and achieve excellence as like as Srishti Asthana.

    Please remember we all have the hidden points and creativity in human brain, only thing we need to dig it out and develop the same with the consistent efforts.

    Congrats to her parents and all family members!!!

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