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But You Left

October 7, 2015 | By

The artist and her soul-searching journey with words.


Till one day, they blossomed and out came tumbling

Of all the unspoken stories, tonight;

This will ring the loudest,

That I had all my words to give you –

Built from scratch, till they grew –

In such painstaking earnest.

I took my time to let the words

Flow in and through my veins.

Till one day, they blossomed and out came tumbling;

Not held back by the littlest stumbling,

Fiery deep; like marks of Cain.

You didn’t know that tonight I dressed,

in my word woven garment.

I fancied that you will pluck them all,

Words that lay stitched and held me in thrall,

The fruit of an artist, ardent.

But you left.

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Sulagna Dasgupta is a Postgraduate in English literature from the University of Calcutta and an aspiring scholar. A bookworm by nature and a writer by passion, a few of her poems have been published in little magazines. She is currently publishing her poems and short pieces of writing in her own blog.
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