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Inspired by the Lotus Sutra – A Poem and Painting on Buddha

October 28, 2019 | By

A tribute to Gautam Buddha and his Lotus Sutra, as my contribution for the poetry movement titled ‘100 Thousand Poets For Change’, a global poetry and art initiative.

[Gautama Buddha, the primary figure in Buddhism, the enlightened teacher, monk, sage, philosopher lived and taught mostly in the northeastern part of ancient India sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BC (Before Christ). The painting and poem have been inspired by the Lotus Sutra, his meditative teaching originally in Sanskrit, aiming to enable individuals with deep insight about life, wisdom and salvation.]

Buddha Painting and Poem

My Lotus love coagulates,
The Buddha in me waxes and wanes.
I breathe in the silk
and blue of seven births,
The water, pregnant sighs
of old, reincarnated flood,
The flood trails along tolerant soil.
The green of youth,
the unblemished flesh of the earth,
my ancestral musk.
My lotus love coagulates.
Buddha, the milk of love
The liquid ocean of soundless dreams
That I smear in my cracked earth.

My lotus love is the bleeding poetry of centuries
The unacknowledged fragrance and light as I slip
Through the cracks of an earth,
Erupting in edgy, volatile loathing
While I carry my own human stench,
Caressing a slow-poisoned tomorrow.
The Buddha in me is the sudden surge
Of quaint syllables and chanting learnt
In the fading twilight of a friend’s company.
My lotus love coagulates in the acrylic touches
Of a painter’s delight, and parables relived
Amid the dark daily venom. Bodhisattwa, Buddha,
The unfailing ritual of soul,
The ebbing, flowing continuum of hope.

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Lopamudra (Lopa) Banerjee is an author, editor, poet and writing instructor staying in Dallas, Texas with her family, but originally from Kolkata, India. She has a Masters in English with thesis in Creative Nonfiction from University of Nebraska and also Masters in English from University of Calcutta, India. Apart from writing and editing some critically acclaimed books and being awarded with the Reuel International Prize for Poetry (2017) and for Translation (2016), she has dabbled in all genres of writing, from journalism and content writing to academic essays and fiction/poetry. She has been interviewed in various e-zines, literary blogs and also at TV (Kolkata) and at radio stations in Dallas, Texas. Very recently, she has been part of the upcoming short film 'Kolkata Cocktail', a docu-feature based on poetry, but her love for writing feature stories go back to her journalism days when she interviewed people from all walks of life and wrote essays and articles based on them. She loves performing poetry as spoken words art and has performed in various forums in India and USA.
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