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Brave Heer

December 12, 2013 | By

Once upon a time there was a poor child named Heer. He lived in a small town named Mosto.

By Iqra and Touheed
Std. VI, Rishabh Public School, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi
elephant and the boy

The elephant requested Heer to help them

Once upon a time there was a poor child named Heer. He lived in a small town named Mosto. He had a small sister named Sayra.

One day he was going to his friend’s house with his sister. Suddenly, a big elephant came in front of them. He was so afraid of it but the elephant did no harm to them. Instead, he put them on his back and took them to a forest.

Heer and Sayra saw huge trees and huge animals. They also saw a big dangerous palace.

The elephant told Heer that a cruel man, named Thusa, treated all animals of the forest cruely.  He requested Heer to help them. Heer agreed to help them. He thought for a whole day how to drive the cruel man away from that place.

The animals kept Heer and Sayra with them until Heer thought of a plan to get rid of the cruel man. After thinking for a whole day he got an idea.

He told animals that he had got an idea to drive that man away but he wanted the help of the animals for this. Then, he told them the whole plan.

Next morning he took all animals of the forest to the palace and told Thusa that union is strength. He then took out a whistle and blew it. On hearing the whistle, all animals of forest came into the palace and attacked the soldiers of the palace.

At last, Thusa was helpless. He apologized to all animals and Heer and left the palace. The animals declared Heer their king and his sister as queen. And they lived happily after that.

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