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Autistic Divine Beings

April 27, 2017 | By

A sensitive poem honouring and celebrating differently abled children, for the Autism Special Edition I of Learning & Creativity

Autism Awareness Special Edition I

Pramila Khadun

Unfurling your wings to fly
To those heights where love,
The law of life prevails.

When I see some people’s indifference
To autistic divine beings,
It makes my head reel.
Therefore, I make use of the healing
Power of Arts, poetry, more precisely,
To act as Archimedes’ s fulcrum
To move those immovable hearts.

The world cannot forever be lost
In celebrations exultant in
An explosion of multidimensional emotions
Leaving certain equations of life unsolved.

Look at those autistic divine beings,
Arms stretching out for cuddles,
Without judging you by your creed or color.
They need you, your love, not your pity.
They may not be great painters,
And yet, they are miniaturists producing
Small works of art and musicians
Creating mellifluous music in tones soft.

Take these sacred beings into your folds,
Comprehending their minds and their hearts,
Like a sonata melting, enrapturing you.
Just think for a while,
That our bodies are made
As of similar material and our souls
Related with unbreakable strands.

Kiss them, hug them, touch them,
Let their positive energy flow to you,
Altruistic and friendly, they lead you
To groundbreaking discoveries,
Unfurling your wings to fly
To those heights where love,
The law of life prevails.

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The Significant League is a Facebook literary group which was started by a person who has a child with autism and hence has a special interest in it which explains why every April Autism Awareness month the group tries to do something connected with autism. This time, as for last year, it has been to trying to get its members to write poems on autism. Some very fine poems have come up as result.
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