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And the Jhelum Flows… to be Launched Jan 13

January 1, 2016 | By

Well known writer Ramendra Kumar’s latest book And the Jhelum Flows… will be launched by eminent writer Dr. Aminuddin Khan at Hyderabad on 13th January.

And The Jhelum Flows-Cover 18 dec 2015 (1)

Well known writer  Ramendra Kumar’s latest book  And the Jhelum Flows… will be launched by eminent writer Dr. Aminuddin Khan at Hyderabad on 13th January at The Gallery Café. The event is being organised by The Little Theatre, Hyderabad ,  an informal but passionate group of people from several walks of life and of several ages who share a love for literature, and believe in performing it for pleasure. After the launch the members of The Little Theatre will read excerpts from the book. The readings will be followed by an interaction with the author.

The protagonist of And the Jhelum Flows . . . is Kashmir itself. The novel looks at the lost paradise with empathy and concern, shunning easy clichés.  It goes beyond the binary divisions of black and white in which the Kashmir issue is usually depicted and instead shows the various shades of grey in between. It is the story of innocent Kashmiris: the mother who searches for her missing son, the father who dies for his daughter, the young bride murdered on the eve of her wedding, the student tortured and driven to suicide, the obsession with revenge, the betrayal of trust, the loss of innocence . . .

And the Jhelum Flows… weaves together several narratives to create a moving portrait of a land marked by hatred, fear, violence, and suspicion, where despite all the pain and sorrow, there is yet optimism  for a better tomorrow.

The picture that the novel paints is a reflection of the reality in other parts of the country where peace is under siege and hope is the last resort…

Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is an award-winning writer with 28 books to his name. He writes fiction, satire, poetry, and travelogues. His work has been translated into several Indian and foreign languages, and included in many textbooks as well as national and international anthologies.

Ramen’s latest novel Mohini, sold out in the very first week of its release.   His first book of non-fiction, Effective Parenting: A New Paradigm has received an excellent response in both its print and ebook avatars. He is also a much sought-after inspirational speaker, storyteller, and mentor.

Ramen is an engineer and also has an MBA degree. He works as Chief of Communications, Rourkela Steel Plant in Rourkela, Odisha.

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