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April 27, 2017 | By

A very sensitively penned poem for the Autism Special Edition I of ‘Learning and Creativity’.

Autism Awareness Special Edition I 

By Lily Swarn
autism awareness

Will she ever be able to die in peace leaving behind this blue rose

She touched her hand to her head
And looked on at her beautiful little doll
Rocking herself on her feet
Again and again and yet again
Her fingers flapping and thumbs stimming constantly
A sudden rage overpowering her petal like face
This gift that the Lord sent her in a precious moment of birth
Left her with deep furrows on her forehead

Will she ever be able to die in peace leaving behind this blue rose
amidst the thorny bushes of this world ?
Who will sit with her as she drew huge clouds on a blank paper?
Who would smile at her encouragingly as she would play the birthday song on her piano?

Ten twenty thirty forty
Ten twenty thirty forty
She counted again and again
Living in her safe world of beauteous beings
She blinked repeatedly and banged her head on the glass window pane again and again
She lived in fear of death for she knew that no one really understood her beautiful child.

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The Significant League is a Facebook literary group which was started by a person who has a child with autism and hence has a special interest in it which explains why every April Autism Awareness month the group tries to do something connected with autism. This time, as for last year, it has been to trying to get its members to write poems on autism. Some very fine poems have come up as result.
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