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5-Year-Old Arin’s Love for Books and The Curious Little Bud

March 27, 2023 | By

Arin Banerjee, five, a student of Prep 2 in a Pune school, loves to create new stories from his experiences and feelings. He expresses himself through his drawings and paintings. The Curious Little Bud, published by Blue Pencil, is a story conceptualised and narrated by Arin. Jyoti Babel dives into Arin’s world and his love for books and stories.



Arin Banerjee

Arin Banerjee, a five-year-old boy from Pune, Maharashtra, has proven that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing one’s passion. At such a tender age, he has achieved something that many adults only dream of!

Arin has “authored” a book! Yes, you heard that right. Well, of course, he is too young to “write” a book but old enough to imagine. He imagines characters and weaves stories around them. One of his stories is of the curious little bud, which Blue Pencil turned into a colourful, illustrated book. Narrated and conceptualised by Arin, The Curious Little Bud has become a top-ranking book on Amazon. It is a charming tale that showcases his creativity, curiosity, and love for nature.

Arin is an inquisitive child who loves to explore the world around him and experiment. Whether it is playing with his beloved LEGO blocks or observing flora and fauna, creating art, or wondering about outer space, Arin is always eager to learn and discover new things. And it is this same sense of curiosity that has inspired him to write his book.

The Curious Little Bud

The Curious Little Bud tells the story of a little bud who lives in a beautiful valley of flowers. Along with his friends, the daisies, pansies, squirrels, and grasshoppers, the little bud is happy and content. However, their peace is disturbed by a mischievous monkey called Oleo, who causes trouble and chaos wherever he goes.

But the little bud is not one to give up easily. With his sharp mind and out-of-the-box thinking, he comes up with a clever plan to outsmart Oleo and restore peace to the valley. And in doing so, he learns an important lesson about the power of creativity and teamwork.

The Curious Little Bud is an expression of Arin’s experiences and feelings. It reflects his seeking mind and compassionate nature. He draws upon his love for nature and his fascination with problem-solving to craft a tale that is both engaging and uplifting. And the fact that he did this at such a young age is truly impressive.

the curious little bud

When Arin received his book, he got so excited that he drew the curious little bud cover in his sketchbook

Arin has a keen eye for detail. He loves to find solutions to problems through his stories, using ingenuity and wit to overcome obstacles. His stories are not only entertaining but also carry a message of hope and perseverance. This characteristic is evident in his book, where the little bud’s quick thinking and resourcefulness save the day.

Arin’s love for nature is evident not just in his love for the outdoors, hills and the sea. And when he’s not exploring nature, he is busy building patiently detailed structures out of LEGO blocks — from cars to fascinating robots. His creativity and problem-solving skills are evident in his LEGO creations. Not only are the designs intricate and creative, they also have moving parts.

Child author

Arin talking about his book in school

What sets Arin apart is his storytelling ability. He is an innate storyteller with a mind of his own and focuses his energy and passion on his areas of interest. Arin’s talent was quickly noticed by his mother, who encouraged him to explore his creativity further.

Arin has a natural flair for weaving engaging narratives from his imagination. And it is this talent that has enabled him to create a book that is not just entertaining but also insightful and inspiring.

In addition to his love for nature, Arin is fascinated by space. He often wonders about the world beyond our planet and is eager to learn more about the mysteries of the universe. Who knows – his next book may be set among the stars!

books for charity

Arin checking his bags of books to be given away to children who need them

Arin is also on a mission to have ensure all children have access to storybooks. He insists that books are needs for kids and not wants. His zeal pushed his mother to start a drive to collect pre-loved books and donate to needy kids since January. “He now wants to collect “millions” of books for millions of kids. He has just learned the number million and uses it for any big number,” says Papiya Banerjee, Arin’s mother

So far, they have collected 300 plus books. “We did our first distribution of our books to Maher Ashram, Pune and the joy and smile gave us clear message that this dream is worth pursuing. Our next milestone is collecting and distributing 1000 books,” she adds.

Books for charity with Arin Banerjee

Clockwise: (1) Arin (in blue t-shirt) watches as the books are distributed. (2) Children eagerly check out their books (3) A teacher reads out The Curious Little Bud to the young audience

Arin’s book is also a reminder of the importance of nurturing and supporting children’s interests and passions. All children have unique talents and interests, and it is crucial to encourage and support them in pursuing their passions. It is through such support that children like Arin can blossom and achieve their dreams.

the curious little bud

Genre : Children’s fiction, Illustrated
Size : 7.25″ x 9.5″
Ages : 2-8 years
Printed Pages : 28
Binding : Paperback
ISBN: 978-81-956660-3-4
Published on : 17 February 2023

Available on Image, Blue Pencil

Amazon Worldwide:


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One thought on “5-Year-Old Arin’s Love for Books and The Curious Little Bud

  • Madhu

    Nicely presented Arin’s article by Jyoti Babel…!
    Please keep sharing the article…

    It is really amazing to see 5-Year-Old Arin’s love for Books… 👍
    He is a creative child… 👏 👏
    Keep it up Arin!!!

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