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5 Creative Occupations For The Future

August 1, 2019 | By

Occupations that allow professionals to create and innovate are the wave of the future. The ability of professionals to apply their creativity to solve problems and make our world more efficient is key to the development of future societies. Consider how these top five occupations of the future will impact the world through creative channels.

Mobile App Developer

Billions of people are using smartphones every day and have at least a few apps installed on their phones. Most mobile operating systems also require foundational apps to even run correctly. For the app developer, the opportunity to build apps that are useful and interesting for consumer audiences of the future is very real. App integration is now vital for many modern businesses and organizations across numerous industries. Apps are astoundingly useful for all types of audiences, so this position is expected to remain in demand as long as people utilize mobile devices in daily life.

Online Curriculum Designer

Millions of students of all ages and backgrounds have made the decision to go to school online, and experts expect those numbers to rise exponentially in the future. With the help of immersive learning techniques and 3D gaming technologies, an online curriculum designer can create interactive worlds that inform, educate, and engage students. Placing students in real-life situations using innovative learning products helps them to absorb new concepts quickly. Those who are committed to creating great educational materials can instruct future generations in unique ways through the courses that they create.

Film Editor

Changing the perspective of audiences using a host of film editing techniques is part of the film editor’s influence on a generation of media observers and cinemagoers. The ability to manipulate media using visuals, sound, and artificial intelligence to portray emotion and a message take artistic talent and experience. For creatives who shape films through editing, the acceleration of high-tech filming equipment and state-of-the-art software yields more possibilities to captivate the eyes and hearts of audiences in the final copy. A number of different technologies exist now and are being developed that make the process easier than ever, giving film editors more creative freedom. It is the works that they create that will tell the story of our culture in the past and present for generations to come.

Fashion Designer

Fashion design continues to be a field that constantly requires creativity and the ability to set trends among populations. The evolution of 3D printing has made it possible for fashion designers to customize and print out clothing, accessories, and shoes of many colours, patterns, and materials quickly. As long as there are people who want to stand out as originals, there will be a demand for fashion designers to glamorize them. Using emerging technologies, they are able to design the most trendy, expensive pieces and more affordable options for the everyday person. Others will create wearable technologies that are fashion-forward.


Designing the world of the future so it is functional and stunning is the duty of excellent architects. Whether it is an ergonomic space powered by solar energy or an artistic structure moulded to impress, future architects will become inspired by their creative impulses and will mould parts of the world that we see, live in, and explore. Some will be responsible for designing entire buildings using 3D printed materials and restoring historical sites to preserve moments in time.

Creativity drives the heart of these five careers, and technology is the fuel to make previously unimaginable exploits possible. In the years to come, individuals that are able to harness their creativity in their professions will continue to grow in demand. If you are interested in pursuing a creative career that makes a difference, consider one of these options. Obtaining an education or training in one of these fields can increase your ability to find and retain employment in a technology-driven future.

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This motivational Quote is about Obstacle which is a blockage but not a dead-end. So one should not fear obstacles but work through it. When the obstacle is over-won, there is sheer joy of achievement.